Past Publications

Over the years the BFS has issued various publications under a variety of names and formats, on all manner of subjects, including fiction, biographies and bibliographies. Editors, authors, writers and artists have been as many and varied as their subject matter.

Prism (then known as the Bulletin) and Dark Horizons first appeared with the Society in 1971. Later, a range of booklets was produced as bonus items, as part of the membership, although each had a price tag for resale to non‑members through specialist shops. Eventually, the BFS began to publish fully-fledged books, such as The Age of Chaos (2002) and Houses on the Borderlands (2008).

From the very outset it has been the BFS’s aim to produce items that will appeal to a wide audience and endure as tributes to their authors and subject matter in the best way possible.

If you have information about any BFS titles not currently listed in these pages, do get in touch and let us know.