Volunteer Roles

Volunteers Wanted! 
We have a number of volunteer roles and projects that we would love to have your help with. If we do not get applicants for a role, we will be looking to proactively approach people who we think might be able to help us, but we are aware we don’t personally know all of the membership. If you are interested in a role, please contact Shona chair@britishfantasysociety.org for more information and to let her know you are interested. 

Stock Holder / Digital Archivist
This could be one role or two. 
The BFS has paper copies of a variety of past publications that need sorting and deciding what to keep. We need to store and potentially send out recent physical copies of publications. Ideally a digital copy would be made of each and kept in a digital archive. 
The current website has a lot of historical information on it, but it is impractical to keep this in its current format. Ideally we would like it looked at to decide what is important and what is not. 
We would like to remember and celebrate the history of the society, this could result in a number of projects including talking to people who were there and recording the stories and memories. 

Communication Officer
We need someone to manage our social media and external communications including writing press releases and website articles. 
Also to organise a BFS presence at third party events and conventions alongside the Social Events Officer and Secretary to recruit new members and meet with existing members. 

Social Events Officer
We need someone to organise and support regional social events as part of the Mission SFFH liaising with the Communications Officer, regional volunteers/existing groups and the BSFA.
Also to support the Communications Officer and Secretary with third party events and recruiting new members. 
This would mean recruiting and managing a team of regional volunteers to run events across the UK. 

Regional Event Volunteers
We would like to relaunch the Mission SFFH project to have regional events across the UK. The project is in partnership with the British Science Fiction Association. 
A regional volunteer would organise and run a social event open to members and non-members that would take place at least once a year. Ideally they would ask other local volunteers to work with them to ensure it is a sustainable activity. This could involve collaborating with an existing local group or starting something completely new. We will be in touch with those who spoke to us previously about being involved with this project. 

New Website Design & Web Admin
This could be one or two roles
The current website is no longer fit for purpose. We would like this copied to a digital archive and a new one created. Once that is done we need someone to help us with the technical aspects going forward. 
We need someone to find hosting options for the new website and the committee email addresses. 
This is not intended to include producing or editing content, but to provide the framework and access for others to do this. The new website needs to allow potentially less technical members of the team to add and edit content. 
This is an urgent need, please send any expressions of interest by the 31st October 2021. 

Website Content Contributors
We would like a team of volunteers willing to find and write content for the website. This might include taking suggestions from the Website Content Editor or their own ideas. This could include genre news, interviews, articles on a specific author’s work. 

Journal Contributors
At the moment we are particularly interested in hearing from anyone who can compile a list of notable deaths for each issue. We are always on the lookout for articles on contemporary and classic fantasy, but would also like to increase the coverage of forgotten fantasy and unacknowledged fantasy. These are the stories and artefacts that have been laid aside or which we never realised were fantasy to start with, but on reflection are. That could be the work of a Victorian-era author who has never been republished, a video game series from the 1990s, the works of a surreal artist who has fallen into obscurity, a translated work (even untranslated works), or anything else. 
If you are enthusiastic about any fantasy-related topic that you think needs more coverage in the Journal and believe you have the skills to write about it, please get in touch.