British Fantasy Awards

The British Fantasy Awards are currently decided by a combination of voting and juries. Four items are added to the shortlists by a vote of the BFS membership, attendees of the previous FantasyCon, and attendees of the next FantasyCon. Juries are then appointed for each category, and the juries are able to add up to two further “egregious omissions” to each shortlist. Copies of the shortlisted items are then requested and the juries consider them all before deciding upon a winner.

The British Fantasy Awards Constitution sets out the rules of the awards. Under the current constitution, changes to the awards rules can only be made at an AGM of the British Fantasy Society. Proposed changes must be sent in writing to the awards administrator, and they will then be discussed and, if seconded, voted upon at the next AGM.

Awards are designed and made by Morag Hickman.  @moraghickman

The British Fantasy Awards Administrator can be contacted at