British Fantasy Awards 2013: informal eligibility list – submissions invited

Before the 2013 awards get started, we are asking members, publishers and any other interested parties to help us in building (and correcting) an informal list of eligible items. Inevitably, the list will be incomplete, but it should prod our members’ thoughts in appropriate directions.

Contributions to the list can be made, and corrections suggested, here.

The resulting eligibility list can be seen here.

You don’t have to be a member of the BFS or a FantasyCon attendee to contribute. Feel free to supply details of your own work. We’d be grateful to anyone spreading the word about this on Twitter, Facebook or their blog.

If you have a large number of items to add (for example if you’re a publisher or the editor of a magazine), you may find it easier to supply them in a spreadsheet to the awards administrator (see below). Just be sure to include a column listing the appropriate categories.

Note that the resulting list is an informal eligibility list. There is no prestige in appearing on it. People whose items appear on the list must not describe themselves as British Fantasy Award nominees, or as having been longlisted for the British Fantasy Award. Members will not be limited to voting on items that appear on the list.

For any queries as to the eligibility rules, please see the British Fantasy Awards constitution. If any questions remain, please contact the awards administrator, Stephen Theaker (

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