British Fantasy Awards: Updated Constitution

The BFS committee has approved an updated version of the BFA constitution, and voted in four new amendments.
The new version takes into account the various changes introduced by the awards administrator last September (with the committee’s support): voting on the shortlist, changing the schedule to coincide with BFS mailings, and adding four new categories (film, television, magazine/periodical, comic/graphic novel). It also incorporates various details that the committee thrashed out over the course of this year’s awards process.
The four new amendments should help with the administration of the awards and ensure consistency from one awards team to the next:
  • The awards committee has no discretion to reject votes and recommendations for reasons not set out in the constitution.
  • The constitution can only be changed by a vote of the BFS committee or an AGM vote, but committee votes may not be used to overturn AGM decisions.
  • A method for tie-breaking when creating the shortlist.
  • A method for tie-breaking when deciding the winners.
There’s a fuller (and duller!) explanation of the changes here on the BFS forum, and the fully updated constitution can be found here on the website. If you’d like to propose a change, either send the proposal to to be discussed and voted on by the committee, or send it to the chair via, to be added to the agenda and voted on at the AGM in September. If possible, please provide the actual wording that you would want added to the constitution if the proposal succeeds.