BFS News

BFS Horizons Open for Submissions


BFS Horizons is once more open for submissions. Notice: “Submissions for Issues 15 and 16 will open on the 1st January 2022. If your new year resolution is to submit more [...]

The Death of Anne Rice


We have been saddened to learn of the death of horror writer Anne Rice due to complications from a stroke. Her death was announced on the 12th of December by her son, [...]

BFS Short Story Competition 2021


Once again this year I have been delighted to act as Lead Judge for the BFS Short Story Competition. We had sixty-eight entries; many of them of a high standard. The judging [...]

Communication Consultation


This month we are looking at our communications, when and how you hear from us and how you would like to interact with us in the future. We would like everyone to feel part [...]

Volunteer Roles


Volunteers Wanted! We have a number of volunteer roles and projects that we would love to have your help with. If we do not get applicants for a role, we will be looking to [...]
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