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Autumn Mailing – We have an ETA


As promised this an update on when to expect your September mailing. Biddles have been in touch today to say they should be able to deliver Prism to us by the middle of next [...]

Autumn Mailing


This is a quick note to apologise for the delay in sending out the Autumn mailing and to give you an update on where we’re up to. As you know the most recent mailing [...]

York Open Night Cancelled


Please note that the York Open Night planned for October 31 has been cancelled. Instead there will be one on Saturday, 30 January 2010, at York Brewery. Our apologies to [...]

Ellen Datlow’s Honourable Mentions


Having room for only fifty honourable mentions in her Best Horror of the Year, Volume 1, Ellen Datlow has published the complete list online, and a number of members and [...]

Store News


As some of you may have noticed the membership part of the store is currently out of action. Don’t Panic! We’ve just got a bit of housekeeping going on with [...]

Dark Horizons 55


Twelve short stories, from blood-soaked battlefields to drowning futures! Three articles, on the most beloved of writers and the utterly unknown! Twelve poems! Seven [...]
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