Jubilee Event Book Roundup


It’s taken a little longer than I had planned, but here is the post promised at the event on 12/11/2022, rounding up the books which were recommended, as well as the [...]

Interview Announcement


We are delighted to announce that as part of our online Golden Jubilee event on 26th February 2022, our President, Juliet Mushens, will be interviewing New York Times [...]

Communication Consultation


This month we are looking at our communications, when and how you hear from us and how you would like to interact with us in the future. We would like everyone to feel part [...]

Submission information for Horizons


BFS Horizons is in the enviable position of having almost filled the issue due out next June and therefore will be closing to submissions from Sunday 01/11/2020 until [...]

FantasyCon 2020 Announcement


It will no doubt come as little surprise that, due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have made the decision that FantasyCon 2020 will not go ahead. It is simply not [...]

Fundraising Anthologies


We wanted to draw your attention to a couple of wonderful projects that are taking place. The first of these is Flotation Device, a charity anthology from the Glasgow SF [...]

Short Story Competition 2021


The BFS Short Story Competition 2021 will open on 01/04/2021. Anyone can enter, regardless of how many times they have been previously published. The competition is open to [...]
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