Kudos Writing Competitions


It’s payback time! Kudos have helped to spread the word about the BFS short story competition, so it’s time to return the favour… Click this link for [...]

Pinhead – a Sneak Preview


A note from Dominic Harman, cover artist of Dark Horizons 54: Here is a sneak preview of the latest print that Clive Barker and I are going to be doing, I think it turned out [...]

Twelve videos


Jasper Kent has informed his agent John Jarrold, and now us, that he has posted a couple of videos relating to his book Twelve on YouTube. Watch them here and [...]

Amazon comments on book pricing


Not fantasy, as such, but this story has implications on how our favourite books are marketed and sold. From The Bookseller: “Amazon.co.uk has denied that it is [...]

The savage sword of Obama


OK, I’m not sure how true all of this is, but I really hope it is. Not only do we have a black man as President of the United States, he reads comics. The story can be [...]

Murder One update


Previously it was reported that Murder One bookshop in London was closing its doors. Sad news, indeed. However, there is light on the horizon. This is taken from their [...]

BSFA Awards Nominees


The BSFA nominations have been announced. In the novel category are: Flood by Stephen BaxterThe Gone-Away World by Nick HarkawayThe Night Sessions by Ken MacLeodAnathem by [...]
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