THE CONTROLLERS by Paul Kane. Review.


THE CONTROLLERS by Paul Kane Luna Press, 173 page pb, £9.99 Reviewed by Pauline Morgan For some time, it has been a tradition to ask contributors to an anthology to write [...]

Conan: Kull of Atlantis. RPG review


Conan: Kull of Atlantis, Modiphius, C2020, £12.99 GBP Review by Seth Stauffer Before Conan, there was Kull, Robert E. Howard’s precursor to the infamous Cimerrian. The [...]

Conan the King. RPG review


Conan the King, Modiphius, c2020, £12.99 GBP Review by Seth Stauffer It isn’t very often gaming offers a “riches to riches” book.  However, Modiphius submits to [...]

Witch by Finbar Hawkins. Review.


Witch by Finbar Hawkins Zephyr, ebook, £5.59 Review by Lottie Lightfoot Evey witnesses the brutal death of her mother at the hands of witch hunters. Her mother’s last [...]

WE ARE MONSTERS By Brian Kirk. Review.


WE ARE MONSTERS By Brian Kirk Flame Tree Press, s/b, £9.95 Reviewed by Matthew Johns A dark psychological thriller set within a mental asylum (a classic setting for anything [...]
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