Warpstone 15


Review by Craig Lockley Edited by John Foody. Continuing with more excellent articles and interviews, Warpstone, the Independent Magazine for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, is [...]

Gnosis, Philip Gardiner


Review by Craig Lockley Subtitled The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed, Gnosis follows on from Gardiner’s previous works, The Shining Ones and The Serpent [...]

Realms of Fantasy (June 2006)


Review by M.P. Ericson This issue has a werewolf theme: a spooky full-moon cover, a Folkroots column on werewolves in folklore, and (in the fiction section) a modern [...]

Realms of Fantasy (April 2006)


Review by Karen Stevens Well, well – a copy of RoF without a skimpily dressed female on the cover! Instead we have ‘The Hounds of Morrigan’, a picture of the [...]

Warehouse 13 (Pilot)


Review by Stephen Theaker Warehouse 13 is reminiscent of the much-lamented Middleman (which apart from the odd clip on YouTube is only available to UK viewers on import DVD, [...]

The Oz Suite, Gerard Houarner


Review by Stephen Theaker Three separate novellas linked by their references to The Wizard of Oz (the film). Broadly speaking they can be taken as science fiction, fantasy [...]
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