Decay Inevitable, Conrad Williams


Review by Paul Campbell I decided to read this novel cold, foregoing the publisher’s blurb on the back cover. The story follows two small groups of characters whose [...]

Outer Darkness, Bart Brevik


Review by Colin Leslie Imagine Wheatley’s The Devil Rides Out written by one of those TV evangelists you find when you are looking for the other channels. That is how [...]

Strange Tales III, ed. Rosalie Parker


Review by Nathaniel Tapley It’s difficult not to judge a book from Tartarus Press by its cover. Heavy and beautiful, you feel you should be in front of an open fire, [...]

Titanicus, Dan Abnett


Review by Steve Dean When the vital forge world of Orestes is invaded by Chaos titans, the Imperials send their own titan legion in to counter-attack. For those who [...]

Bloody Baudelaire, by R.B. Russell


Reviewed by Matt Johns This slim but beautifully bound tome is a bit of an oddity. Part supernatural chiller, part what feels like 1920s society observation, it tells the [...]

The Secret War, by M.F.W. Curran


Review by Christopher Teague When it was unveiled, Macmillan was lambasted by many commentators with its ‘New Writing’ imprint. Well, from that stable comes [...]
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