50 Years of Fantasy and Horror – Queer History in SFFH

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We’re very excited to announce this panel for 3pm on Saturday afternoon, discussing Queer history in SFFH, and what a wonderful line up of panellists we have!

James Bennett is a British writer raised in Sussex and South Africa. His travels have furnished him with an abiding love of different cultures, history and mythology. His short fiction has appeared internationally and his debut novel ‘Chasing Embers’ was shortlisted for Best Newcomer at the British Fantasy Awards 2017. His latest fiction can be found in the acclaimed ‘The Book of Queer Saints’, BFS Horizons and The Dark magazine.

James lives in Spain where he’s currently working on a new novel.

Feel free to follow him on Twitter: @Benjurigan

Ida Keogh is a sci-fi writer living in Surrey. She won the British Science Fiction Award for Shorter Fiction in 2020 and the British Fantasy Award for Short Fiction in 2021 for ‘Infinite Tea in the Demara Café’, NewCon Press. She has been shortlisted for the Writing the Future Short Story Prize. Her debut novella Fish! is out now with NewCon Press. Discover her on Twitter as @silkyida.

Tej Turner is an author, travel-blogger, and vegetarian chef. His debut novel The Janus Cycle was published by Elsewhen Press in 2015 and its sequel Dinnusos Rises was released in 2017. Both are hard to classify within typical genres but were semi-biographical in nature with elements of magical realism. They have often been described as ‘gritty and surreal urban fantasy’. He has since branched off into writing epic fantasy and has an ongoing series called the Avatars of Ruin. The first two instalments – Bloodsworn and Blood Legacy – were released in 2021 and 2022, and he is currently engaged in writing the third instalment (‘Blood War’).

When he is not in Cardiff, it is usually because he has strapped on a backpack and flown off to another part of the world to go on an adventure. So far he has clocked two years in Asia and a year in South America. When he travels, he takes a particular interest in historic sites, jungles, wildlife, native cultures, and mountains.

Firsthand accounts of Tej’s adventures abroad can be found on his travel blog.

Cat Hellisen writes dark, lush speculative fiction. They are the author of eight novels, and their latest novel Cast long Shadows from Luna Press, was released in June 2022.

Their short stories and poems have been published in Tor.com, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Apex Magazine, Shimmer Magazine, Shoreline of Infinity, and several speculative anthologies. They are the winner of Short Story Day Africa for their story, The Worme Bridge.

Cat lives in Scotland and spends way too much time watching figure skating when they should be walking their dog. (According to their dog, anyway.)

Watch this space for more announcements but in the meantime…