‘Celebrity’ by Christopher Fowler

Starring Victoria Jeffrey, Neil Burgess, Mark Martin & Lucy Clements.
Nov 23 – Dec 4 (Nightly 7:30pm, Matinees Sat 4:00pm, No perfs Sun, Mon)

The Phoenix Artist Club,1 Phoenix Street, London, WC2H 0DT. (Off Charing Cross Road next to the Phoenix Theatre) Tickets: £10 (+50p CC bookings) Tickets are limited so book today!

Telephone 020 7836 1077 or email: maurice@phoenixartistclub.com

‘Celebrity’ is part of the London Fringe Festival.

Synopsis: Once there were stars. Now everyone wants to be a celebrity – how did we get from Cary Grant to Jedward?

It’s 1968. Helena runs Albion PR in London’s Wardour Street, looking after ‘difficult’ stars. She hires 19 year-old Billy to teach him the secrets of the business. Saving the reputations of her clients involves an outrageous amount of lying and cheating, but neither Helena nor Billy realize this innocent era is about to come crashing to an end…

Celebrity’ is based on the life of a real London PR agent. Only the names of scandal-struck celebrities will be changed to protect us from libel! Christopher Fowler