Fantasycon 2018 Guest of Honour

HWS is delighted to announce that Farah Mendlesohn has agreed to be a Guest of Honour at Fantasycon 2018.

Farah may well be a familiar face for those who frequently attend conventions, but she can often be found behind the scenes rather than as a guest. However her wide catalogue of award winning and nominated publications as an author and editor make her an obvious choice for us.  She co-edited the BSFA and Hugo Award winning Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction and its sequel, the Cambridge Companion to Fantasy, with Edward James. Rhetorics of Fantasy (2009) won the BSFA award for non-fiction and a Hugo nomination. An Introduction to Children’s Fantasy Literature, with Michael M. Levy won the World Fantasy Award and the Mythopeic Award for criticism.

Farah’s guest of honour page on the Fantasycon 2018 website is here –