Festival of Writing

The Festival of Writing  “is for you, the writer. We know how hard it is to break into print, and the Festival is designed to give you everything you need to succeed. The Festival has a host of workshops led by top authors on how to write – how to self-edit your work – how to approach agents – and much else. We’ve also got numerous agents coming along to the event and you’ll be invited to pitch your work to them one-on-one. We’ll also have loads of top editors, publishers and other industry experts. You’ll be listening to them, asking them questions – and have loads of opportunities for informal meetings too” (taken from their website).

The festival takes place in York in April 2010. To book go to the festival’s website.  John Jarrold is leading a workshop on the SF and fantasy market and Sally Spedding is giving an introduction to horror. And if you like ravens (or crows) pop over to Sally’s blog.