Halloween Double Feature

The Poole Literary Festival (29–31 October 2010) is combining (dark) forces with the Purbeck Film Festival to bring a spectacular finale to both festivals, the date falling by blood curdling coincidence on 31 October! Halloween means horror, the Purbeck Film Festival focuses on everything cinematic and the Poole Literary Festival celebrates the written, spoken and performed word. Bring this unholy trio together and what do you get?

“A fantastic double-feature film bill. So soak up the atmosphere in true Halloween style, in the original surroundings of probably the best little cinema in the world — the hauntingly majestic and once gas-lit Rex cinema in the terrifyingly ancient town of Wareham! In keeping with the traditionally mysterious nature of the last night in October the titles of the films cannot be revealed!

Here are a few clues, so get your thinking caps on and have a stab at guessing the titles for this chilling event. Email your best guess at the names of the films to be shown to: gary@poolelitfest.com. All entries will be entered into a raffle prize draw.

The author who wrote the world famous book on which the first film is based is buried, with the heart of her poet husband, in the graveyard of St. Peter’s Church in Bournemouth. This film was made in 1931, remains one of the most acclaimed horror films ever, and had seven sequels. This is a rare opportunity to see a genuine Golden Age Hollywood classic on the silver screen!”