Mervyn Peake Centenary Year

This is the Mervyn Peake Centenary Year. Peake was born in July 1911 in China and died November 1968. In between he created superb illustrations and one of the most memorable fantasies, the Gormenghast trilogy.

There is an event to celebrate his life: “An outline programme of the Peake Conference to take place at Chichester University during the weekend of the 15th July 2011, is now available. To be called Mervyn Peake & The Fantasy Tradition: A Centenary Conference, it has been organised by the English & Creative Department of the University of Chichester, and will feature several well-known writers and others.”

For more information on Peake visit the Mervyn Peake website. In addition, Sebastian Peake maintains his own blog on his father.