Pat Cadigan at the BSFG in June

Pat Cadigan is a popular author of science fiction in the cyberpunk style, with her first novel, Mindplayers appearing in 1987; her short stories have been published long before. Since 1987 she has published the Artificial Reality Division series, as well as numerous other novels, including Synners (1991), Home by the Sea (1992), Fools (1992), Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine (2003) and Cellular (2004).

Born in the USA, Pat has been a visiting lecturer on creative writing at British Universities; she emigrated to the UK in 1996. Her writings have twice won the Arthur C. Clarke award.

Pat will talk about her work to Birmingham Science Fiction Group on Friday 11th June 2010 at 8pm (entry from 7.30pm) at The Briar Rose on Bennett’s Hill in Birmingham. Please email for more details. Price: £3 BSFG members, £4 non-members.

Photo (c) Peter Coleborn