Readers announced!

We are delighted to be bringing you readings from an exciting group of writers as part of our Golden Jubilee Event on Saturday. There are six slots in total – three readers will be announced today and three later in the week.

Reading at 10am we have Stephen Deas:

Stephen Deas was born in Southeast England and mostly brought up in a town full of retired colonels. His early memories consist of running around building sites and being able to spell ‘colonel’ at an unusually early age. Like most people of that age, he took to making up imaginary friends to supplement my real ones. Unlike most people, he never quite stopped, and has been writing about them in one form or another ever since.

Deas is the author of more than twenty novels covering science fiction (as Sam Peters, or as Gavin Deas when co-authoring with notorious bad boy of SF, Gavin Smith), historical fiction (as SJ Deas) and crime (as SK Sharp) as well as fantasy. His most recent work, The House of Cats and Gulls, was published by Angry Robot a few days ago, and is sequel to The Moonsteel Crown. He is currently finishing work on the last volume of the trilogy. As well as his novel works, Deas is collaborating on bringing a post-apocalyptic version of Robin Hood to the small screen and is desperately trying to convince Netflix that what it really needs is a show centred on Irene Adler.

Deas now lives in a different part of South-east England with his wife and two boys where he continues to pretend to be other people, most frequently A Responsible Parent (TM).

At 11:15 am, we have a reading from Susie Williamson:

Susie Williamson, she/her, is the author of the epic fantasy series ‘Blood Gift Chronicles’. The series begins with ‘Return of the Mantra’ and ‘The Warder’, and encompasses themes of wildlife & the environment, social justice and marginalisation, magic, animism and dragons. In 2021, these titles won the Firebird Book Award in the LGBTQ+ YA fiction category, and the YA fiction category. 

Originally from Yorkshire, Susie now lives in Exeter, UK, with her wife, Kate, close to the river Exe and a bike ride away from the sea. To accompany writing, she paints with acrylics on canvas, steadily filling the white-washed walls of home. She is currently working on the third novel in her series. 

And at 12:30pm Danie Ware will be reading for us:

Danie Ware is a single working Mum with long-held interests in writing, re-enactment, and rolling polyhedral dice. She went to all all-boys’ public school, gained an English degree from UEA, and spent most of her twenties clobbering her friends with an assortment of steel cutlery. After seventeen years handling social media and event management for Forbidden Planet (London) Ltd, she now works for Waterstones, selling lots of lovely books.

Danie is the author of the critically acclaimed Ecko series, published by Titan Books, and Children of Artifice, a queer urban fairy story, published by Fox Spirit Books. She writes Sisters of Battle for the Black Library, and Judge Anderson for Rebellion Publishing, and she has had short stories published in numerous anthologies. She lives in Carshalton, south London, with her son and two cats. You can follow her online under the moniker @danacea.

Remember to book your ticket here: Buy tickets / Join the guestlist for Golden Jubilee on Zoom, Sat 26 Feb 2022 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM ( The event is free for BFS members and £5 for everyone else. Tickets are valid for the full day, schedule below:

10:00 – Reading from Stephen Deas

10:15 – Panel on Fantastical Creatures with Anna Smith Spark, RJ Barker and Juliet E. McKenna

11:00 BREAK

11:15 – Reading from Susie Williamson

11:30 – Juliet Mushens Interviews Taran Matharu

12:30 – Reading from Danie Ware


1:30 – Reading

1:45 – Panel on Working with Small Presses with Francesca T Barbini (Luna Press Publishing), George Sandison (Unsung Stories) and Sammy HK Smith (Grimbold Books)

2:30 – BREAK

2:45 – Reading 

3:00 – Panel on Subverting Tropes in Horror with Charlotte Bond, Laura Mauro and Dave Jeffrey

3:45 – Reading

4:00 – BREAK

4:15 – Open Mic