The changing face of Dracula

News just received:

Bela Lugosi’s version of Dracula is 80 years old on the 14 February, and to celebrate this anniversary Gothic Artist & Writer Glenn James is restaging his popular talk on Dracula.

“‘For a man with no reflection, it’s wonderfully ironic that the Count’s image is everywhere in movies’, said Glenn, whose talk (first staged last August) will look at the Count’s career as a movie icon, and how the vampire has changed on screen throughout the last century. It will focus on the massive and tragic sacrifice Lugosi made in exchange for screen immortality.

In an extraordinary year for Gothic & Horror fans they will be also be celebrating the anniversary of Frankenstein with events later in the year.”

When: Thursday 10 February 2011at 7.30 pm

Where: Little Venice (upstairs), 1-3 St. Nicholas Street, Worcester, WR1 1UW

How much: £6.00 on the door (£5.00 in advance via our Facebook Shop)

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