The End of the Line: offical book launch

From Solaris’s website: “For those what haven’t been paying close attention – and be prepared for my disappointed face if you haven’t – our new anthology of horror stories set on various Underground networks, The End of the Line, edited by Jonathan Oliver, hit the shelves earlier this month and is already selling quite well.

Now, we had an advance official launch at the FantasyCon in September, where attendees could snag an extra-specially-early two-months-advance copy of the book and get it signed by various people that worked on it. But the actually Officially Official Launch is next Tuesday, 16 November at Foyles in London, starting at 6.30pm. (The Gallery, upstairs at Foyles in London, at 113-119 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0EB)

Pat Cadigan, Adam Nevill and Chris Fowler will be there, signing copies of the anthology and of their latest books, as will anthologist Jon Oliver and cover artist and designer Luke Preece. (Then right after the launch finishes, we’re all hopping to the Phoenix Artists’ Club right over the road for a swift pint or five.)

Anyway (and before you decide I’m just bragging about the posh do I’m going to next Tuesday), the point of all this is that free – yes, FREE – tickets are still available from Foyles, but they’re running low. If you have been considering coming but haven’t committed yet (or haven’t heard about it until now and holy shit now that you’ve heard about it you’re totally coming and who do I have to kill to get tickets anyway), now’s the time. Email Foyles at to request a ticket.”

Note: this event is just a couple of days away. But since I only just learned about it I can only provide short notice. Next time, guys, please send me details some weeks in advance. Thanks.