The Write Fantastic: anniversary event

The Write Fantastic’s birthday celebrations are set for 8 May 2010 at St Hilda’s College in Oxford. The programme has now been finalised:

10 am – doors open

10.30 – “Debut novels – the adventure starts here” – Kari Sperring, Ian Whates, Mike Shevdon and David Moore

11.30 – “Politics and Genre – fantasy conservatism vs SF radicals?”- Juliet McKenna, Jessica Rydill, Geoff Ryman, Ben Jeapes, David Moore

12.30-2.00 – Lunch interval

2.00 – “Character; the Heart of the Story?” – Sarah Ash, Freda Warrington, Stephen Deas, Chaz Brenchley, Jenni Hill

3.00 – “Reflections on a life in writing” – Chaz Brenchley, Liz Williams, Ben Jeapes, Geoff Ryman, Ian Watson.

4.00 – The launch of The Write Fantastic’s Anniversaries anthology, available from Newcon Press, together with some reflections on The Write Fantastic’s past five years.

Attendance is £15 and you can book online or pay at the door.

The Write Fantastic is a group that includes some of the UK’s premier fantasy authors, including: Sarah Ash, Chaz Brenchley, Juliet McKenna, Deborah Miller, Stan Nicholls, Jessica Rydill, Kari Spelling, Freda Warrington and Ian Whate.

For more information, visit their website.