Victorian Seances and Fraudulent Mediums

Through A Glass Darkly: Performance Inspired by Victorian Seances of the Fraudulent Mediums (at 7.15pm on Friday 19 November).

At this exclusive evening of mind-reading and cold-reading performance, the London Magician will talk about, and demonstrate, the mind-reading and magical effects that first flourished in the Victorian seances hosted by fraudulent mediums — people who were emulating genuine psychics in parlours across England. Meeting the dead, past-life regressions, amazing mind-reading, apports — the fraudulent mediums were the forefathers of the cold reading prodigies of today. But more than being told, you will be shown: magic will be performed, minds read, tales and fortunes told. Illusion, mentalism and magic meet, through a glass darkly. £10.00 in advance. To book, go here.