Working with a Small Press Panel

People who are attending our Golden Jubilee Celebration on 26th February are in for a treat. We have a panel on Working with a Small Press featuring THREE British Fantasy Award winning independent presses. Come along and learn what it’s like to work with a small press, what the advantages are, what they expect from you and how to give yourself the best shot at finding a home with them. We are delighted to bring you Francesca T Barbini from Luna Press Publishing, George Sandison from Unsung Stories and Sammy HK Smith from Grimbold Books.

Tickets are free for members and £5 for everyone else and are valid for the full day’s events. Book here: Buy tickets / Join the guestlist for Golden Jubilee on Zoom, Sat 26 Feb 2022 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (

Francesca T Barbini is the founder of the award-winning Luna Press Publishing, home of speculative fiction in fiction and academia. Find out more here:

George Sandison is a publisher, editor and writer living in London. He runs the award-winning independent press Unsung Stories, which specialises in literary and ambitious science fiction, fantasy and horror. He is also Managing Editor for Titan Books, doing much the same but for more money. His short stories can be found in Unthology 11, The Lonely Crowd, Unofficial Britain, KZine, Bourbon Penn, In Shades, Pornokitsch, BFS Horizons and more.

Sammy H.K Smith lives and works in Oxfordshire UK as a police detective. When not working she spends time with her children, husband and pets, renovates her house, and inadvertently kills plants. A keen writer and lover of all things science fiction and fantasy, she’s often found balancing a book, a laptop, a child, and a cat whilst watching Netflix.

Sammy also freelance edits, specialising in developmental and structural editing and copy-writing. 

In 2013, she co-founded Grimbold Books with imprints Kristell Ink and Tenebris Books. In 2017 Grimbold Books was named the best independent science fiction and fantasy publisher at the British Fantasy Awards.

Don’t forget that we also have a panel on Fantastical Creatures featuring Anna Smith Spark, RJ Barker and Juliet E McKenna, followed by an interview of Taran Matharu by our president, Juliet Mushens. One more panel and readings are still to be announced and the day will end with an open-mic session, where attendees will be given an opportunity to read some of their own work. Book your ticket now: Buy tickets / Join the guestlist for Golden Jubilee on Zoom, Sat 26 Feb 2022 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (