Writing Your Self – poetry workshop


If you want to turn your material into poetry, here’s an event that may appeal:

“Some of the most potent literature is based on personal material. You’ll try out direct ways to write about your own experience such as spontaneous writing and tapping into memory before moving on to techniques such as flow-writing and image exploration which offer indirect routes. You’ll also discuss published poems which explore personal subject matter in unexpected ways and consider the difference between raw material and finished work.”

The event takes place on Saturday 12 February at 10.30-4.30 pm at Nottingham Writers Studio, Sutton Place Business Centre, 49 Stoney Street, The Lacemarket, Nottingham NG1 1LX. The tutor is Myra Schneider

The price is £53 (£41 for 60+, £35 concessions) and is open to all levels. To book call 0207 582 1679 or go online