AGM 2014: proxy voting proposal

It’s been suggested by BFS members that proxy votes should be allowed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), for members unable to attend. In response our awards administrator Stephen Theaker has written a proposed constitutional framework to allow and govern them.

This is a draft of the rules offered for consideration, not necessarily the final form of the proposal, so if you have any comments, questions or corrections please email Stephen ( Feel free also to comment here, and to discuss the proposal in the relevant thread on the BFS forums.

If everyone seems happy with the proposal, the plan is for it to be put to the vote at this year’s AGM, likely to be held on the morning of 7 September 2014 at FantasyCon 2014.

If as a BFS member you ever wish to propose a change of your own to either the BFS constitution or the BFA constitution, please submit it in writing to the BFS chair ( and it will be discussed and then put to the vote at the next AGM.

Proposed new section for the BFS constitution:

5.4 Proxy voting is permitted at the AGM, subject to the following rules.

5.4.1 All proxy votes must be registered with the BFS secretary no later than one week (168 hours) before the start time of the AGM.

5.4.2 A maximum of five proxy votes may be held by any one member.

5.4.3 Proxy votes are only valid if both parties are paid-up BFS members at the time of the AGM.

5.4.4 People entering the AGM as BFS committee members may not hold proxy votes.

5.4.5 Proxy votes may only be exercised by a BFS member physically present at the AGM when a vote is taken.

5.4.6 How and whether to cast proxy votes is a decision for the member holding the proxies, after they have heard the discussion on a given issue.

5.4.7 All proxy votes held by an individual must be cast in the same direction, or not cast at all.

5.4.8 Proxies are appointed for the entire AGM or not at all. It is not possible to appoint a proxy to vote on a single issue.