The juries of the British Fantasy Awards 2015

BFS_Logo_red_SMALLThese are the jurors for the British Fantasy Awards 2015.

Best anthology
Carole Johnstone
Elaine Hillson
Rhian Bowley

Best artist
Donna Scott
Jared Shurin
P.M. Buchan

Best collection
Jim Steel Dave Brzeski
Ole A. Imsen
Thana Niveau

Best comic/graphic novel
Jared Shurin
Jay Eales
Laurel Sills

Best fantasy novel (the Robert Holdstock Award)
Aleksandra Kesek
Gary Couzens
Lucy Smee

Best film/television episode
Adrian Faulkner
Catherine Mann
Gary Couzens

Best horror novel (the August Derleth Award)
Cate Gardner
Jim Mcleod
Laura Mauro

Best independent press

Bill Thompson
Elloise Hopkins
Robin K Hickson
Robin Lupton
Sarah Carter

Best magazine/periodical
Donna Scott
Mark West
Phil Sloman

Best newcomer (the Sydney J. Bounds Award)
Ian Hunter
Lizzie Barrett
Simon Bestwick

Best non-fiction
Jason Arnopp
Johnny Mains
Laura Mauro

Best novella
Jo Thomas
Paul Holmes
Stephen Bacon

Best short story
Catherine Mann
Allen Stroud
David Tallerman

The jurors are appointed by the awards administrator, Stephen Theaker, under the supervision of the British Fantasy Society committee. The BFS committee itself is the jury for the Special Award (the Karl Edward Wagner Award). The juror for the remaining slot will be added to this list as soon as they have been confirmed.

The jurors will now begin the process of deciding whether to add any egregious omissions to the items put onto the shortlist by the members of the British Fantasy Society and the attendees of FantasyCon 2014 and FantasyCon 2015. They will then go on to decide the winners, to be announced at FantasyCon 2015.

NB: Dave Brzeski replaced Jim Steel on the best collections jury following the egregious omissions stage, to avoid a conflict of interest.