Fantasycon 2017 Guest of Honour – Nancy Kilpatrick

Nancy Kilpatrick

Fantasycon 2017 is delighted to announce Guest of Honour:

Nancy Kilpatrick

Award-winning author Nancy Kilpatrick has a wide catalogue of publications including nineteen novels, over 220 short stories, seven collections of her stories and has edited fifteen anthologies.

Recent original short works are included in: Nightmare’s Realm; Black Wings 6; Black Wings 5; Searchers After Horror; The Darke Phantastique; Zombie Apoclaypse: Endgame!; Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories by Women; The Madness of Cthulhu 2; Innsmouth Nightmares; Stone Skin Bestiary. Two new graphic novels are: Nancy Kilpatrick’s Vampyre Theater and her story “Heart of Stone” in Tales From the Acker-Mansion. Thrones of Blood is a new novel series. Volume 1, Revenge of the Vampir King, is available in print or ebook on Volume two, Sacrifice of the Hybrid Princess will be a autumn 2017 release.

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