Fantasycon Programme

We are delighted to be able to share the programme for this year’s Fantasycon, and what a weekend we have planned! You can download a copy of this and the full schedule with panel descriptions here. I don’t know about you, but I wish I could manipulate time so that I could attend all of these!

As with any event of this size (and especially in these times of Covid) there may be minimal, necessary changes to the programme between now and the Convention. This page will be updated to reflect those changes.

We can’t wait to see you all there!

TimeRoom 1 (Atlantis 1)Room 2  (Atlantis 2)The Angry Robot Room (Disocvery 1)Room 4 (Discovery 3)Room 5 (Endeavour)
10:00Portraying Families in SFFH  (Steven Poore (m), Gabriela Houston, David Green, Anna Smith Spark, Zack Argyle)Getting Unstuck: Workshop with Peter NewmanWriting for anthologies (Dan Coxon (m), Susan York, Somto Ihezue, E.M. Faulds, Andrew Hook) Fantasy worldbuilding- how language, food and culture influence place (and vice versa) (Neil Williamson (m), Ian Green, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Liz Williams, Stark Holborn)Workshop on Building an Audience Lauren McMenemy
11:00Writing Marginalised Villains (Lucy Hounsom (m), Mike Brooks, Eliza Chan, Tasha Suri? Claire North?)Writing humour (Sandra Unerman (m), David Wragg, Dan Hanks, Jen Williams)Non-fiction Genre Writing – Reviews and Critiques (John Dodd (m), Maura McHugh, Cheryl Morgan, Steven Poore, Kit Power)Launch – BLACK SHUCK BOOKS launches BEHIND A BROKEN SMILE by Penny Jones, and GREAT BRITISH HORROR 7: MAJOR ARCANAReading: Fantasy:   Ian Green, Robin C.M. Duncan, Kit Whitfield
12:00Character Development in Short Stories (Dan Coxon (m), C.A. Yates, Andrew Hook, Zen Cho, TH Dray)Running a Role Playing game and writing: the transferable and non-tranferable skills  (John Dodd (m), David Cartwright, Peter Newman, Stark Holborn, Ian Green)Vampires and their friends: the evolution of classic horror monsters (Benjamin Lagley (m), Russell Smith, Tina RathLaunch – MIDNIGHT STREET PRESS launches STARLESS AND BIBLE BLACK by Susan YorkReading: Fantasy: Juliet E McKenna, Anne Lyle, Tasha Suri
13:00Folk Horror  (Anna Smith Spark (m), Steve Toase, Ellis Saxey, Paul M Feeney, Tracy Fahey, Caroline Hardaker)Retellings (Pete Sutton (m), Tasha Suri, Claire North, Eliza Chan, Lucy Hounsom)Writing in Shared Worlds (LR Lam (m), Adrian Tchaikovsky, Mike Brooks)Guest of Honour Interview  (Liz Williams, interviewed by Shona Kinsella)Reading: SF: Allen Stroud, T.H. Dray, Stewart Hotston
14:00Love, Sex, Magic: Romance and Relationships in SFF (Juliet (m), Jen Williams, Zen Cho, Saara El-Arifi, Juliet E McKenna, LR Lam)Language of Horror (Dave Jeffery (m), Ramsey Campbell, Laura Mauro, Steve J Shaw)Writing Dialogue: How to Make the Conversation Flow (Stewart Hotston (m), David Wragg, Colleen Anderson, Lucy A McLaren, Anne Lyle)Launch – SHORELINE OF INFINITY Fairy Tales IssueReading: Andrew Hook, Caroline Hardaker, Abbey Masahiro
15:00A Different Type of Armour (E.M. Faulds (m), Anna Smith Spark, Jenni Coutts, Shona Kinsella, PS Livingstone)Putting the Science in Science Fiction  (Allen Stroud (m), Emily Inkpen, Stewart Hotston, Kevin Elliott, John Dodd) Beyond the Debut: Building a Career as a Writer  (David Cartwright (m), Liz Williams, Juliet E McKenna, Stephen Aryan, Ryan Cahill)FANTASY BOOK SWAP – a live recording with Laura  MauroReading: Horror: Ramsey Campbell, Tracy Fahey, Ashley Stokes
16:00Writing in Collaboration (Emily Inkpen (m), Gary Couzens, Cheryl Morgan, LR Lam)Climate Fiction (PS Livingstone (m), Kevan Manwaring, Lorraine Wilson, Neil Williamson, Caroline Hardaker, Somto Ihezue)Short Story Workshop with Andrew HookLaunch – FLAME TREE PRESSReading: Fantasy: Pete Sutton, Anna Smith Spark, WP Wiles
17:00Fighting to the death: blood war and espionage in SFF, (Tasha Suri (m), Saara El-Arifi, Kate Dylan, Kat Dunn, Ian Green) Poetry Round RobinReligion in SFFH (Mike Brooks (m),TH Dray, David Green, PS Livingstone, JL George)Reading: Maura McHugh, Shauna Lawless, Colleen AndersonReading: Fantasy: Adrian Tchaikovsky, Eliza Chan, Somto Ihezue
18:00History in SFFH (Kevan Manwaring (m), Stark Holborn, Ellis Saxey, Sandra Unerman, WP Wiles)Poetry Round RobinReading: Fantasy: Zen Cho, Gabriela Houston, Steven PooreBanquetPARTY – THE BROKEN BINDING
19:00   Banquet/Awards 
20:00   Awards 
21:00Ghosts and when to negotiate with the monster (Laura Mauro (m), Neil Williamson, Abbey Masahiro, Pete Sutton)Reading: Kit Power, L.R.Lam, JL George KaraokeReading: Fantasy:  Ryan Cahill, Lorraine Wilson, Tina Rath
10:00WORKSHOP  Self Publishing for the first time with David CartwrightWriting Older Characters – What happens when the chosen one grows up  (Cheryl Morgan (m), Jen Williams, Gabriela Houston, Liz Willams, WP Wiles)BFS AGMMonsters and Monstrosity in SFFH (Andrew Hook (m), JL George, David Watkins, Kit Power, Tracy Fahey)Reading: Horror: Laura Mauro, Benjamin Langley, Susan York
11:00Folklore and Fairytales (David Watkins (m), Lorraine Wilson, Liz Williams, Kit Whitfield, Lucy Hounsom)Writing for Audio (Emily Inkpen (m), Maura McHugh, Somto Ihezue)BFS AGMLaunch – SINISTER HORROR COMPANYReading: Fantasy: Lucy A McLaren, David Green, Kevan Manwaring
12:00Mental Health in SFFH (Dave Jeffery (m), Penny Jones, Lucy A McLaren, David Green)Genre animation (Mike Brooks (m), Jen Williams, Russel Smith, Jenni Coutts, Allen Stroud)WORKSHOP Reading Aloud for Performance (E.M. Faulds, T.H. Dray)Launch – FLAME TREE PRESSReading: SF: Stark Holborn, Kevin Elliott, John Dodd
13:00What to expect from the editing process (Shona Kinsella (m), Dan Coxon, Steve J Shaw, Kevin Elliott, Cheryl Morgan) Writing the difficult emotions  (Anna Smith Spark (m) Lorraine Wilson, Stewart Hotston, Ryan Cahill, Gabriela Houston)Talk on changing folklore and its place in contemporary life, with Sandra UnermanFinding an agent (Kiya Evans (m), Juliet Mushens, Ed Wilson and Julie Crisp)Reading: Fantasy: E.M. Faulds, David Wragg, Russell Smith
14:00Mashing up genres in Fantasy (Juliet Mushens (m), Zen Cho, Stephen Aryan, Peter Newman, Susan York)Accepting critique and working with beta readers (Robin CM Duncan (m), Allen Ashley, Neil Williamson, Steve Morgan, Lucy Hounsom)Horror beyond the page (Kit Power (m), Ashley Stokes, Tracy Fahey, Benjamin Langely, Tina Rath)Worldbuilding beyond Medieval Europe (Juliet E McKenna (m), Anne Lyle, Shona Kinsella, Steven Poore, Ryan Cahill)Reading: Horror:  Ellis Saxey, Priya Sharma, Steve Toase

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