After Dark: Horrorfest

After four successful years in the US, After Dark: Horrorfest comes to Empire Cinemas with the After Dark Originals, a horror festival weekend taking place around the UK through distributor G2 Pictures.

From Friday 4 March through to Sunday 6 March, horror fans in key cities in the UK and Ireland can see seven new original horror films and enjoy the opportunity to get dressed up and participate in in-cinema activity and competitions.

Films include: Husk, starring CJ Thomason (Harper’s Island), is about a group of friends who become stranded beside a desolate cornfield and find an old farmhouse. They soon discover the house is the centre of a terrifying supernatural ritual. 

Prowl, starring Courtney Hope (CSI: Miami), is a gruesome tale of a bunch of friends who accept a ride from a truck driver and find themselves taken to an abandoned warehouse where they become the prey for blood – thirsty creatures learning to hunt.

Also showing are: Seconds Apart, Scream of the Banshee, Fertile Ground, The Task and 51. Each title will also receive a separate DVD and Blu-Ray release with a complete ‘special edition’ box set scheduled for Halloween 2011.

After Dark Films was formed in 2006 by director/producer Courtney Solomon (An American Haunting, Captivity), and Hong Kong-based real estate magnate, Allan Zeman. In November of that year they launched Horrorfest, playing eight never seen before acquired horror films in an annual weekend-long theatrical event in 500 theatres across the US.

You can discover more on their FaceBook page.