Graham Joyce Writing for Doom 4

The gut response of many gamers to the news that a writer has been hired to work on Doom 4?
Quite possibly that the project's already going in the wrong direction! If there was one thing people wanted after Doom 3 it was a more convenient torch. If there was another thing they wanted, it was a bit less story.

The best stories in games are the ones created by the interactions of the player, the environment and the enemies. A video game writer’s job isn’t to take their place, it’s to enhance those encounters, and add depth to them. Doom 3 was a perfect example of a good game interrupted by altogether too much writing.
But when the writer in question is Graham Joyce, friend of the BFS, let’s refrain from being so negative. Graham Joyce won’t force us to listen to audio blogs to work out door combinations! Graham Joyce won’t leave us twiddling our thumbs through cut scenes!
Well, it probably won’t be up to him, but we can hope.