2011 Nebula Award winner Ken Liu in the next issue of Interzone

These are exciting times for author Ken Liu. First, a new baby. His wife gave birth to their second child a few days before his short story, The Paper Menagerie, won the 2011 Nebula Award from the Science Fiction Writers of America. Now, the story has also won the 2012 Hugo award at the World Science Fiction Convention. Then, a story he translated from an original in Chinese won the 2012 Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Award, short fiction category. The judges described Chen Qiufan’s The Fish of Lijiang as “brilliant,” “original,” and “a lovely and devastating story, beautifully written and translated.” “In the tradition of the best SF, it offers a convincing extrapolation of the economic and consequent social changes that China has undergone in the past 30 years.”

So it’s great news that Ken will have a story and a translated story in the next two issues of Britain’s premier science fiction magazine, Interzone. The first of these will mark his debut in the magazine. The second will mark Chen Qiufan’s debut. Ken’s story The Message has a father and daughter trying to repair their relationship as they explore an ancient alien ruin. The mystery they solve is both personal and universal.

The Flower of Shazui, the story Ken translated for Interzone and another from Chen Qiufan, is a near-future high-tech thriller set among the migrants that both powered China’s economic growth and became its victim. In this callous, greed corrupted milieu, men and women break the law as they struggle to do the right thing.

Interzone #242, containing Ken’s story, will be released mid-September. Chen Qiufan’s The Flower of Shazui will be in the November issue and constitutes a first for Interzone. The magazine has featured translated stories, eg from Serbian, in the past but a Chinese original is a new one for TTA Press.

Ken Liu was born in Lanzhou, China, and now lives in the United States. He writes speculative fiction and poetry and also translates Chinese fiction into English. He and his wife, artist Lisa Tang Liu, are collaborating on a novel; an epic fantasy set on an island world inspired by East Asian history. Ken’s fiction has appeared in SF magazines: F&SF, Asimov’s, Strange Horizons, Lightspeed, Clarkesworld, along with several collections. Aside from his Nebula Award he has been nominated for the Hugo and Sturgeon Awards, and several of his stories have been featured in various Year’s Best anthologies.

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  1. Ken has just won the Short Story Hugo for ‘The Paper Menagerie’.

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