A Message from the FantasyCon Committee re: Coronavirus (future proofing)

fantasy city

As you are aware, there have been a lot of event cancellations due to  the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and we thought it important to let you know our thoughts and plans regarding FantasyCon 2020.

We are still in the early stages of understanding the virus and its spread, and we must reluctantly acknowledge that there is a possibility that the virus may mean we have to cancel FantasyCon this year.

The contract we have with this year’s venue allows us to cancel at relatively short notice with no financial penalty, and we have so far spent very little in advance of the convention. However, we have decided to suspend sales of memberships, dealer tables, advertising and sponsorship for this year’s convention. Membership fees already paid are held in a ring-fenced bank account, and if we decide (or if the decision is made for us) that the event will not go ahead, all membership fees will be refunded automatically. Your membership fees are safe, and you will not lose them. Similarly anyone who has registered as a dealer is on our list, but we are not currently taking new names.

We anticipate making the final decision by early July at the latest (perhaps sooner, should events allow us to). You will be informed the instant we know anything concrete. 

If events improve earlier than anticipated, we will resume membership sales and inform everyone through the normal channels (Facebook, Twitter, BFS Newsletter and direct to existing FantasyCon members via email).

More information at: https://www.fantasycon.org/