All good things…

ramseyrobholdstockcropRamsey Campbell has been the President of the British Fantasy Society for as long as we can remember. His hand has been on the tiller, guiding the BFS through sometimes choppy waters, but always there as the face of the society, and as the final arbiter in times of indecision and conflict.

As one of the most important writers of his genre and generation the BFS has been privileged to have him as president.

Sadly, all good things end, and Ramsey has indicated that for various reasons he feels that now is the right time for him to step down from this position, and it is with great sadness that we are announcing his retirement as president.

The committee hopes you will all join us in wishing Ramsey well for the future, and in thanking him for his tireless work in promoting and representing the British Fantasy Society.

We will be contacting all members again soon, with regard to the appointment of a new president, who will need to be proposed and voted for at the next AGM.

The BFS Committee

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  1. A shock to hear this news and for the BFS a hard act to follow. Our first President was Ken Bulmer, who stood for two or three years I think. In those early days we probably had no idea how long we should expect a President to stay in office… Ramsey has more than “done ‘is due”. A great figurehead for the society who has been a loyal and vocal supporter and proponent for the society and the genre. Well done Ramsey!

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