Angry Robot signs two new “Open Door” authors

Like most successful publishers, Angry Robot generally only accepts
submissions through literary agencies. Earlier this year, however, the
company ran a pilot programme to see how many unpublished – but talented –
authors there were without representation. During March, Angry Robot invited all un-agented authors to submit completed manuscripts as part of an “Open Door Month”. Over 990 novels were submitted during that period.

Angry Robot are now delighted to announce the first acquisitions from the
first Open Door Month. Two new authors, each with a minimum two book deal,
have now joined the Angry Robot family.

Cassandra Rose Clarke was the first signing to come through this process.
Her two novels for Angry Robot show the versatility of this important new

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter is the heartbreaking story of the journey from childhood to adulthood, with an intriguing science fictional twist. And The Assassin’s Curse is a fantastical romp, starring Ananna, a no-nonsense lady pirate, born into pirate royalty.

Clarke said: “I’m beyond excited to have Angry Robot publishing my
first-ever novel, and not only because of the delightful coincidence that my
novel involves a robot who is, on occasion, angry. Angry Robot’s reputation
is stellar and their author list incredibly impressive – I’m humbled to be
included amongst their ranks!”

Things take a somewhat darker turn with a pair of books from Lee CollinsThe Dead of Winter and She Returns From War. Both novels follow Cora Oglesby, a bounty hunter with a reputation for working supernatural cases.

Collins said: “As excited as I am at the prospect of rubbing shoulders with
Angry Robot’s outstanding authors, publication was really a secondary goal
of my submitting to them. My primary reason was the hope, however slim, of
cybernetic augmentation.”

Both deals were negotiated by Angry Robot’s editor, Lee Harris, who stated:
“There is an enormous amount of talent out there, waiting to be discovered,
and I am thrilled we have found two great new talents as part of our

Both authors’ debut novels will be published by Angry Robot in autumn 2012,
with their second books scheduled for spring 2013.

Following the success of the project, Angry Robot expects to run a similar
Open Door period in spring 2013, details of which are to be confirmed at a
later date.