Angry Robot / Strange Chemistry: new author signings

Angry Robot Books and its YA imprint, Strange Chemistry, have announced new author signings as follows.

Strange Chemistry has signed talented fantasy author, Martha Wells. Martha has been signed in a two-book deal, for World English Rights, negotiated between Strange Chemistry’s Amanda Rutter and Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Maass Literary Agency. The first of these books, a novel called Emilie and the Hollow World, will be published in Summer 2013.

Martha is the author of thirteen novels as well as a number of short stories and nonfiction articles. Her books include The Element of Fire (Tor, 1993), The Death of the Necromancer (Avon Eos, 1998), City of Bones (Tor, 1995), Wheel of the Infinite (HarperCollins Eos, 2000), and The Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy, published by HarperCollins Eos – The Wizard Hunters (2003), The Ships of Air (2004), and The Gate of Gods (2005) – set in the same world as The Element of Fire and The Death of the Necromancer.

Her newest fantasy novels are The Cloud Roads (Night Shade Books, March 2011), and the sequels, The Serpent Sea (Night Shade Books, January 2012) and The Siren Depths (forthcoming from Night Shade Books in December 2012).

Angry Robot has also announced a new two-book deal with rising star Chuck Wendig. Chuck’s first Angry Robot novel, Blackbirds, only hit the bookshelves for the first time a few weeks ago, but the response has already been so strong that Angry Robot moved quickly to sign him up for another two books.

The World English Rights deal, negotiated between Angry Robot editor Lee Harris and Stacia Decker of the Donald Maas Literary Agency, is for:

The Blue Blazes – the first in a new urban fantasy series in which lovable thug Mookie Pearl must contend with the criminal underworld, the supernatural underworld, a new drug that makes the invisible visible, and a rebellious teen daughter who opposes him at every turn.

Cormorant – a new tale of Miriam Black, the third book in a series that begins with Blackbirds and continues with Mockingbird (September 2012).

Both of Chuck’s new titles are scheduled for publication in 2013.