Angry Robot’s Lee Harris Promoted To Senior Editor

Lee-Harris.102842Angry Robot is extremely pleased to announce the promotion of Lee Harris to the post of Senior Editor, with immediate effect.

Lee started working for Angry Robot in January 2009 – six months before the launch of the list – as Assistant Editor to publisher Marc Gascoigne. He was promoted to Editor in 2010 and is now a regular speaker and panellist at genre and publishing events.

Angry Robot Senior Editor Lee Harris said: “I’m absolutely delighted with the new role, which is very similar to the old role, but with added pressure and expectations. Angry Robot is the best place to work, and I’m blessed because every day I look forward to coming to the office. Long may it continue.”

Angry Robot Managing Director Marc Gascoigne said: “Lee’s been with Angry Robot from its earliest days four years ago and as the line has grown, so have his talents. As the development of our new imprints, Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A, has become more demanding, he’s taken the new editors under his wing and mentored them to within an inch of their lives. This promotion is timely and very well deserved.”

You can follow Lee on Twitter @LeeAHarris, where he dispenses pearls of publishing wisdom and cringe-inducing puns with equal aplomb and abandon.

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