Abarat companion book revised to include updated material

A revised edition of Beneath The Surface of Clive Barker’s Abarat has been released, compiled and published by Phil and Sarah Stokes. It has been updated with material from Absolute Midnight, the third volume in Barker’s Abarat series.

The book is a full-colour illustrated 132 page companion volume which features Barker’s work-in-progress illustrations for all three volumes, an updated glossary and hints of what is yet to come in the final books of Abarat. It features unprecedented access to the author’s creative working methods, including his paintings, work-in-progress sketches and early drafts, an extended interview conducted by a super-smart classroom of Abarat readers and their teacher, the previously unpublished original opening for the Abarat books and much more…

Available on the iBookstore from 1 March 2012 at £5.99 / $8.99