Bedlam Unleashed from Belfire Press

Belfire Press launch Bedlam Unleashed Book 1 by Steven L. Shrewsbury and Peter Welmerink in a limited edition print run of only 100 copies (also available as an e-book):

“Pieced together from recovered scrolls of sagas and skaldic poetry, here begins the journeys of Norse mercenary Alanis Johansson and berserker Erik Bedlam. In this first installment of Bedlam Unleashed, we open with Alanis and Erik fighting for the High Irish King, Brian Boru. They leave this battle at Clontarf with hopes of heading home, however the North Sea brings an ominous drakkar into their path, and Erik and Alanis soon find themselves in a scrimmage on this ship filled with the dead.

They land in Scotland, where they encounter dragons, druids, and treachery. Then, with a bounty of gold, they head south, where Alanis experiences a vision rank with specters from his haunted past.”

Pre-order information HERE.

Books 2 and 3 of Bedlam Unleashed will be released over the course of a year.