BFS Short Story Winner Hits Kickstarter

WritersGreenHouseKickstarter-cover_largeMegan Kerr, winner of the 2012 BFS Short Story competition, has taken to Kickstarter to fund a book of writers’ games and activities.

Megan says “It’s a book of fun, collaborative materials around key elements of story-building, very flexible and nothing formulaic!.  Unlike most writing resources, it’s designed for groups of writers, so writers’ groups can play together and creative writing teachers can use it to supplement their teaching.  All the games & activities come from a 12-week story-building course & workshops which I’ve been running since 2010. The finished book will have 50+ hours of materials (including follow-on activities) and the materials are photocopiable, so each writers’ group / writing teacher only needs to get one copy”.

As with most Kickstarter projects, the book will only go ahead if funding targets are met by a deadline, in this case May 11th!

The Kickstarter page can be seen HERE and Megan’s own site is HERE

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