Birmingham Science Fiction Group October Meeting

The Birmingham Science Fiction Group are meeting on October 12th at the Briar Rose Hotel (on the first floor) on Bennett’s Hill, Birmingham.

Special guest at this event is Adam Nevill who was born in Birmingham in 1969 and grew up in England and New Zealand. Adam’s biography paints a vivid picture of macabre influences, ranging from children’s television in the 1970s, through formative wanderings in the New Zealand bush and seminal horror movies on VHS in the 1980s. His history also shows his extensive devouring of notable horror novels. Amongst all of this is noted the way concepts and imagery lodged themselves firmly in Adam’s mind, giving him an abiding interest in the concepts of fear and horror.

Adam has subsequently authored four supernatural horror novels; Banquet for the Damned (nominated for the British Fantasy Society best novel), Apartment 16, The Ritual and Last Days, as well as contributing to the horror collection Dark Currents.

Adam is sure to give a fascinating talk and insight into his work and writings, and maybe sneak previews of forthcoming work…

The venue is just 5 minutes walk from New Street Station and handy for all bus routes. The meeting opens its doors at 7:30 p.m.

If you live anywhere in or around the West Midlands, the BSFG is the group for you! For further information, and a copy of their monthly newsletter, please email BHAMSFGROUP@YAHOO.CO.UK or check out their website: