Blood and Grit 21 – a horror e-collection by Simon Clark

Simon Clark‘s first book, Blood and Grit, is back! Says Simon:

“Fantasycon 1990. I’m sitting by a pile of yellow books in the dealers’ room and waiting hopefully for customers. This slim volume is Blood and Grit, my first book.  Fantasycon 1990 was in Birmingham and it was a time when such legends as Karl Edward Wagner and Ronald Chetwynd- Hayes bestrode convention hotels. In fact, Karl dropped by to chat in his mellifluous American tones, ‘Simon, your royalty in Year’s Best Horror amounts to one dollar thirty-six cents. Do you want the cash now, or would you prefer a beer?’ I happily accepted the beer in payment.

Now, 21 years later, my first book is back. Only more so. Blood and Grit 21 is an illustrated e-Book, featuring the original content, together with a brand new story, “21 Skinner Lane”, a new introduction by Andy Darlington, and an afterword that reveals the story behind the stories, and the ‘making’ of the original book.”

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