BookCrossing at FantasyCon

BookCrossing-Logo-138If you are signed up with BookCrossing, FantasyCon is a great opportunity to release a few books “into the wild” (and clear a bit of bookshelf space to make room for everything you’ll be taking home from Nottingham…) and find them a new home with someone who’ll love them just as much as you have. Just bring a couple along and drop them off when you get to Fantasycon.

Please do take the time to register any books you’re thinking of bringing – it doesn’t take long. Each book will be assigned a BookCrossing code (a BCID) which you then write (or put on a post-it, depending on how you feel about writing in books!) inside. This means you can track the book’s travels on the BookCrossing site – and some have been known to go all around the world.

If you’re not signed up, and you don’t fancy creating your own account, we have a BFS account which members can use – just ask Louise Morgan (LouM on the BFS forums) and she’ll send you the login details.

Likewise, if you pick up any books that have been registered and have a BCID inside, please go to the site and mark them as found – it only takes a minute or two, and again, you can use the BFS account if you don’t have one of your own.

If everyone coming to Fantasycon registers and brings just one or two books, this could be rather brilliant. I can see it becoming a real highlight of the event every year…