Cemetery Dance ‘All You Can Read’ eBook Membership 2012

Cemetery Dance have announced an exciting new membership plan that will allow you to read ANY ebook they publish in 2012, along with all of the ebooks they’ve already published, for a small one-time fee.

They state:
“In the six months since we launched our ebook store, we’ve published books by William Peter Blatty, Peter Straub, Jay Bonansinga, Norman Partridge, Glen Hirshberg, Brian Hodge, Brian Keene, Mick Garris, Rick Hautala, Ronald Kelly, Simon Clark, Ed Gorman, Geoff Cooper, Brian James Freeman, James A. Moore, Rocky Wood, Kirby McCauley, and many others.

There are nearly 40 ebooks you can download right away with a combined retail value of more than $130, plus we have dozens of new ebooks in the works for 2012, including some exciting originals and also reprints of classic out of print horror novels you haven’t read in years.

Our ebooks range in price from $0.99 to $9.99, but the cost of this membership is just a one-time fee of $49, which breaks down to $4.08 per month. If you think you’d want to download even a couple of ebooks each month, this is a great deal!

Because we hope you still love print editions as much as we do, members will also receive a FREE signed Limited Edition hardcover later this year. All you’ll have to pay is any applicable shipping. Considering the retail value of $30 to $40 for the free book, the low purchase price of this membership is an EVEN BETTER deal with this special bonus!”

Full details of the membership plan can be found HERE