Chomu’s first anthology due in May

Dadaoism (An Anthology) edited by Justin Isis and Quentin S. Crisp
Paperback to be published by Chômu Press on 16 May 2012

‘The first anthology of contemporary fiction from innovators Chômu Press, Dadaoism is designed as a literary manifesto for the 21st Century. From Reggie Oliver’s ‘Portrait of a Chair’, in which consciousness is explored from the point of view of furniture, to Julie Sokolow’s ‘The Lobster Kaleidoscope’ in which naïve wordplay acts as a foundation for existentialist philosophy in a story of inter-species love, Dadaoism presents a mystery tour of the literary imagination to demonstrate that outside of exhausted mainstream realism and uninspired genre tropes, contemporary English-language writing is a thriving and creatively vital arena. Please “take your protein pills and put your helmet on”; this is something for the adventurous reader. Expect views of some fantastic literary nebulae, and encounters with word-form singularities.’

‘Portrait of a Chair’, by Reggie Oliver, ‘Autumn Jewel’, by Katherine Khorey, ‘Visiting Maze’, Michael Cisco, ‘The Houses Among the Trees’, by Colin Insole, ‘Affection 45’, by Brendan Connell, ‘M-Funk Vs. Tha Futuregions of Inverse Funkativity’, by Justin Isis, ‘Spirit and Corpus‘, by Yarrow Paisley, ‘Timelines’, by Nina Allan, ‘Jimmy Breaks up with His Imaginary Girlfriend’, by Jimmy Grist, ‘Body Poem’, by Peter Gilbert, ‘Testing Spark’, by Daniel Mills, ‘Noises’, by Joe Simpson Walker, ‘Romance, with Mice’, by Sonia Orin Lyris, ‘Grief (The Autobiography of a Tarantula)’ by Jesse Kennedy, ‘Orange Cuts’, by Paul Jessup, ‘Instance’, by John Cairns, ‘Kago Ai (The End of the Night)’, by Ralph Doege, ‘Fighting Back’, by Rhys Hughes, ‘Nowhere Room’, by Kristine Ong Muslim, ‘Koda Kumi’ a Justin Isis re-mix of ‘Italiannetto’ by Quentin S. Crisp, ‘The Lobster Kaleidoscope’, by Julie Sokolow, ‘The Eaten Boy’, by Nick Jackson, ‘Poppies’, by Megan Lee Beals, ‘Abra Raven’, by D.F. Lewis, ‘Pissing in Barbican Lake’ and ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicides’, by Jeremy Reed.

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