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Darkness Falling: Forever Twilight, Book 1 by Peter Crowther

“Something has happened in Jesman’s Bend – a predawn flash of unearthly light has cut off their middle-American everyville from the outside world.

When four employees of local radio station KMRT investigate, they find the town mysteriously depopulated, apparently in the middle of regular routines. Familiar folk reappear shortly afterward, all wearing concealing sunglasses and gloves and driven by malignant alien motives.

Little do they realise the phenomenon isn’t unique to Jesman’s Bend, but has affected the entire world… ”


Debris: The Veiled Worlds by Jo Anderton

“Tanyana is among the highest ranking in her far-future society. She is a skilled pionner, able to use a mixture of ritual and innate talent to manipulate the particles that hold all matter together. But an accident brings her life crashing down around her ears. She is cast low, little more than a garbage collector. But who did this to her, and for what sinister purpose?

Her quest will take her to parts of the city she never knew existed, and open the door to a world she could never have imagined”

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