Debut fantasy novelist Dave Weaver signs with digital-first publisher Elsewhen Press

Elsewhen Press, a small independent digital-first publisher specialising in speculative fiction, has announced that Dave Weaver, graphic designer and author, has signed a publishing deal for an undisclosed sum for his debut fantasy novel Jacey’s Kingdom. Managing publisher Al Murray calls it an “exciting and thought-provoking” book which is a “must-read story for adults and young adults alike.”

The story sees Jacey Jackson collapsing with a brain tumour while sitting her final history exam at school. While deep in a coma, she struggles through a quasi-historical sixth century dreamscape as surgeons fight to save her life. Jacey is helped by a stranger called George, who finds himself trapped in her nightmare after a terrible car accident. There are quests, battles, and a love story ahead of them, before we find out if Jacey will awake from her coma or perish on the operating table. And who, or what, is George? In this book, Dave Weaver questions our perception of reality and the redemptive power of dreams; are our experiences of fear, conflict, friendship and love any less real or meaningful when they take place in the mind rather than the ‘real’ physical world?

The book will be published as an e-book in winter 2012 and in print in 2013.