Defying Gravity – complete season to be released on DVD

DGDefying Gravity is a gripping space drama from the producers of Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives that follows the adventures of eight astronauts on board the international spacecraft Antares as they undertake a mysterious, six year mission covering 8 billion miles.

First aired on BBC2 and BBC HD in 2009 only thirteen episodes of Defying Gravity were ever made, much to the dismay of fans everywhere and despite groups lobbying in vain for further adventures. Now the complete series will be available to own for the first time on a 4-disc Region 2 DVD box set, courtesy of Medium Rare Entertainment, which is to be released on 25th February.

This box set also offers an impressive array of extra features including ‘Mission Accomplished – A Look At The Making of Defying Gravity’, deleted scenes and a slideshow featuring production stills, conceptual design pictures of the Antares and more.

Led by veteran astronauts Ted Shaw (Malik Yoba) and Maddux Donner (Ron Livingston), every action of the crew of the Antares is scrutinised and beamed back to earth. However, there is more to this mission than the crew realise: something that is altering the crew at the very basic genetic level; something that the select few who know about it are desperate to keep a secret.

For fans of Defying Gravity, this release marks the end of a long wait to revisit the Antares. For newcomers, it’s the chance to discover a compelling sci-fi drama that many feel was cut short in its prime.