Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace Of The Underdark to launch in June

Players can now pre-purchase the first major expansion to the award-winning MMORPG.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast announce Dungeons & Dragons Online®: Menace of the Underdark™, the first expansion to the award-winning free-to-play massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG), which will launch on 25 June 2012 .  Players across North America and Europe can pre-purchase Menace of the Underdark to receive exclusive benefits.

“The journey to the Forgotten Realms begins today,” said Fernando Paiz, Executive Producer of Dungeons & Dragons Online, Turbine.  “Today we introduced the Web of Chaos content update that serves as the prologue to our first foray into the Underdark, which makes it a perfect time to introduce our pre-purchase program which offers very cool items that players will be able to use immediately as they prepare for the launch of Menace of the Underdark on June 25th.”

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace of the Underdark features:
-Three New Forgotten Realms Adventure Packs – featuring a multitude of epic adventures, unprecedented new wilderness areas with challenging objectives, a host of dungeons, and more!
—-The King’s Forest:  Explore deep into the King’s Forest and defend the village of Eveningstar from Lolth’s Drow legions
—-The Underdark:  Venture down into the Underdark and confront Lolth’s elite followers in the Drow city of Sschindlyryn
—-The Demonweb:  Journey to Lolth’s home plane, battle demon hordes and confront the spider goddess herself as you attempt to stop her scheme
-Attain Epic levels to 25! Deadly battles and high-speed action continue as you advance your character to the Epic level 25
-Introducing Epic Destinies – attain epic enhancements as you progress through levels 20-25

Full details available from HERE